Officer  Avrech Making Time  with a Prostitute Donna Marie Gentile

Donna and Officer  Avrech had been good  friends for a few years and they did have sexual contact more that once, until Lt. Black became his boss and Donna’s companion.  Avrech didn’t like Black and so he used Donna as a pawn for power  and betrayed her to get back at his boss that he despised.  That is when danger came for Donna and the officer abused his Badge,  she had no choice but to report Avrech to IA  and then IA saw an opportunity and coerced and exploited her  into becoming a police corruption informant thus IA betrayed her. SHE CRIED OUT FOR HELP BUT WAS BETRAYED BY THOSE WE PUT IN POWER TO SERVE AND PROTECT

During the course of a criminal investigation involving Officer Larry Avrech and a cooperating individual Donna Marie Gentile was directed by Sergeant Glenn Breitenstein to tape record any telephone conversation between herself and the subject officer.  Here a conversation Donna shared with me in August of 1984. According to Donna’s calls, she alleged that  Avrech was romantically obsessed with her,  and his rival and boss  was Lt. Black whom he had to report to.

Here you see a dirty cop going against all the rules making time with a prostitute and married on top of it all.  It was clear that Avrech was fixated and obsessed with  Donna.  You see after Donna reported Avrech for the sexual harassment and  emotional pressure he projected onto her, Internal Affairs then coerced her  into helping them by wire taping her to finish the job that she started for their benefit.  She was then considered a police corruption informant.  Apparently Internal Affairs saw an opportunity to bring Avrech down. The way I see it,  they wanted him out long ago and this clearly was an opportunity to use a marginal such as Donna.  And then she is found silenced with the rocks in the mouth. The answer is on the wall.  Donna a pawn for power for Avrech and for IA. Police departments ..and how they use Prostitutes.

You decide?

Avrech: So your girlfriend coming over

Gentile:  Um Yes

Avrech: You had plans for me first, then I took second place

Gentile: I wouldn’t say it like that, I haven’t seen her in a while and you know its nice to have a girl to talk to

Avrech: Um Huh

Gentile: I’m sure I’ll see you again

Avrech: You’re sure. How are you sure?  Another time?

Gentile: Huh

Avrech: So I won’t get to see your pretty face

Gentile: Mmm