The Los Angeles police used informal classification NHI (“No Human Involved“) in their reports for years to describe crimes where they believed the victim to be a sex worker, gang member, drug addict, or houseless person.

At least, the LAPD were the ones caught doing it in the 90s.

For those fact-checkers among you, it’s even in the dictionary. Which has to make it true. Oxford English Dictionary (Advanced Search – full text) for “no human involved” gets us back to 1973 under the very long entry for N, which includes many acronyms beginning with N.

No Human Involved was/is/always will be covert police slang – giving low priority to an assigned crime because its victim is regarded as having a low social status.

Disposable human beings, not in any way a useful section of the community.

Hmm…let’s see…what does that remind you of?

Oh yeah! It’s us. You and I. The masses of people who are scheduled to be test rabbits for the depopulation jab.

You get it, you have an “adverse reaction” – sorry for you. We did say we’re not liable for side effects. And thanks, because you have revealed your poor self. If you didn’t die in the first round, we’ve put you on the list for extermination.

You get it, you make it – don’t get too excited. Round number two is on its way to further eliminate the strong from the weak. Because in the One World, the Dictatorship of the Billionairiat will need worker sheep. After all, what’s a throne if there’s no no-one to worship at it?

Here we go again with the lockdowns and “non-essential” businesses

And for those who dare to defy the Grand Order of Submission, they’ll get you in another way. In May this year I gave you AN IMPORTANT MESSAGE FROM THE PRIME MURDERER:

Because of this new virus, I have decided to order every citizen to stay indoors until further notice.  Effective immediately, all businesses except those I deem essential are to be closed.  The businesses that bribe, sorry, donate the most will be allowed to stay open.  It is, after all, a free market. Read more here.

Seven months later, nothing has changed. What do I bet you that seven months from now, we’ll be able to copy/paste this message again?

Because until everyone submits to getting their vaccinations like good little slaves this will be Groundhog Day.

The “virus” will come back stronger and stronger as vaccine deaths are blamed on new mutations. As gunshot wounds and suicides are currently being blamed on the Covaids. (Watch the video to see evidence from Denver and Ontario)But remember: CNN told you not to be alarmed if people start dying after taking the vaccine. It’s just what “we would expect as a normal occurrence”.

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Places where Christmas is NOT cancelled…

In today’s video I also tell you where Christmas is not cancelled, even though poison elf Fraudci went up to the North Pole to vaccinate the fat man himself. Hey, if Fraudci says you’re good to go, you’re good to go.

Finally, this is probably a good time to know someone who dabbles in the black market, because if you ever want to travel again, you’re going to need that immunization passport.

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