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I was simply astonished when I read this book. How could a young woman travel across country to begin a new life in sunny San Diego and four years later be found dead — beaten and murdered, with rocks tamped down her throat? Why did the police and other authorities conspire to keep her autopsy sealed? The biggest tragedy of Donna Gentile’s life was that as soon as she stood up for her rights and reported how she had been harassed and abused by the police she was killed — and in a way that was intended to send a message to other women to keep their mouths shut. There are many ins and outs to this story as the author takes us on journey though a world of corrupt cops, women who furnish prostitutes to wealthy businessmen, the businessmen themselves, serial killers, and men who shamelessly abuse women. Donna Gentile stands out as a pioneer of today’s #MeToo movement. She reminds us how many women victims even today are categorized as “NHI” — not worthy of police investigation because they are less then human. An outstanding book.