Excerpt #1

“I turned a cop in to Internal Affairs because he was sexually harassing me…”

  Excerpt #2

(Donnas Tape Recorded Spoken Words)

“ In case I disappear somewhere or am missing, I want my lawyer to give this to the press…Because of the publicity that I have given a police scandal, this is the reason why I’m making this. I feel someone in a uniform with a badge can still be a serious criminal.”

Excerpt #3

The “NHI” — No Humans Involved — movement resulted from activists coming together to show the power of women and to expose the truth of how “marginal” people are treated. The project was unveiled on February 19, 1992, with two billboards that faced both the county administration center and the San Diego Police headquarters, bearing the picture of Donna and the logo “NHI.

Excerpt #4

A few days after Ms. Gentile’s murder, a black female Sheriff’s Deputy assigned to Las Colinas brought a female prisoner to County Mental Health. The Deputy alleged that Gentile had “…begged not to be released, because the cops were waiting for her.”

Excerpt #5

1985 The True story is not only did an Officer  lie about having sex with a prostitute, she even wrote a letter to the family stating that he sexually harassed her and put her life in danger that she had to report him to IA. Furthermore he became sociopathic in his behavior toward her which put her in fear. IA put a deadbolt on her door to protect her.   So who was lying to internal affairs? Donna cried out for help to IA and they ignored her because they used her to complete a job for them and then she was left murdered with a mouth full of rocks to silence her voice. Was this a snitch or a GIRL CRYING OUT FOR HELP from those we put in power to serve and protect.  Of course this was all over the news because after her murder the recorded tape of her spoken words was released. “Because of the publicity that I have given a police scandal, this is the reason why I’m making this. She left a voice recording with her attorney beginning with the words, “In case I disappear,” and going on to state that “someone wearing a badge may turn out to be a serious criminal.”   This is the only life insurance that I have.” I clearly remember her every fear, her every moment, her every call day in and out….

Excerpt #6

Donna asked for help from the SDPD but was denied by those we put in power to serve and protect.

Excerpt #7

One of Donna’s last cards she held was the work she was doing for Internal Affairs as an informant. The rather sketchy agreement she worked out with IA is that she wore a wire while meeting with members of law enforcement so Internal Affairs could record the conversations taking place. In exchange, the police department agreed to help her out with the pending appeal of her prostitution conviction. I say the agreement was “sketchy” because Douglas Holbrook her attorney found the department’s offer of assistance ambiguous. According to him, the details of the who and what Donna would be informing on was never made clear.

Excerpt #8

The officer resented that the Lt. could get away with certain things but he could not..This pulled Donna into the Civil Service hearing that was broadcast for all to see. It was there that Donna revealed to the public her confidential informant duties that IA coerced her into performing.  So who killed Donna?

Excerpt #9

During the course of a criminal investigation involving Officer Larry Avrech and a cooperating individual Donna Marie Gentile was directed by Sergeant Glenn Breitenstein to tape record any telephone conversation between herself and the subject officer.Donna shared this with me. Here you see a “dirty cop” breaking the rules, making time with a prostitute and married.

Avrech: So your girlfriend coming over

Gentile:  Um Yes

Avrech: You had plans for me first, then I took second place

Gentile: I wouldn’t say it like that, I haven’t seen her in a while and you know its nice to have a girl to talk to

Avrech: Um Huh

Gentile: I’m sure I’ll see you again

Avrech: You’re sure. How are you sure?  Another time?

Gentile: Huh

Avrech: So I won’t get to see your pretty face

Gentile: Mmm

Excerpt #10

Serial Killer Ronald Elliot Porter’s attorney Terry Kolkey said that Porter denies any involvement in Gentile’s murder and his family has maintained that police are using him as a scapegoat since he is already sitting in life jail for many other murders. Jo Porter, suspects mother says that her son is nothing more than a scapegoat for inept and politically corrupt law enforcement.


Excerpt #11

San Diego County Coroner David J. Stark, a former embalmer who has been there 24 years, was responsible for sealing Donna’s autopsy, and is suspected that he could have worked directly with SDPD on this one.  Stark told the Tribune that he no longer completes or releases autopsy reports while a murder investigation is continuing and results are available only to law enforcement.



Excerpt #12

Serial Killers, Crooked Cops, Corrupt Businessmen, A Madam, and  An Innocent Woman left dead… Four of these Cops who had dealings with  Donna  were fired  and she was later found brutally murdered. That says a lot about the SDPD.



The True Story as Told by the First Cousin