I remember reading about your cousin when she died and it haunted me and still does. Her face was so sweet, and as an Italian American originally from backeast–but having been in San Diego since the late 70’s-I related to her. I have prayed for her “if” she may be in Purgatory undergoing the merciful purification that we all will need to clean our baptismal garment before we enter the heavenly banquet, Lord willing, I have heard that Donna liked horses and I wish that she could have had a wonderful life and lived longer to enjoy what she loved and things that gave her peace and happiness. I am sure it has been very hard for you and her brother and surviving family that there has been no justice for her and no closure. Take care Anita and I am so glad you are keeping the memory of your late cousin Donna alive. Anthony Davi- San Diego April, 8,2018