Beware of Deviance, Corruption and Lies!!!

A great true crime thriller set in San Diego. “The Donna Gentile Story” leads you in grim detail through the troubled life and tortuous murder of  Donna Gentile,  who at age seventeen  had run away from a home for delinquent girls in Pennsylvania.  She testified against two police officers who had been harassing her, and only a few weeks later she was found murdered with rocks in her mouth. Donna was no random victim. Internal Affairs had coerced her into working with them, but their master plan was to silence both Donna and anyone else who knew what she knew.  The unsolved mystery of her brutal murder has haunted the San Diego Police Department for years.  Her autopsy has remained sealed all this time, and important evidence has been destroyed.  Why?  Who is covering up, and for whom?  The Donna Gentile Story has many layers, twists and turns that uncover corrupt cops, wealthy (and even more corrupt) businessmen, madams, serial killers and a plethora of sub-plots that send the reader on a journey leading to the truth about Donna’s murder. But in the end the author lets you solve the crime.  A fascinating thought-provoking read written in a clear, conversational style that will sustain your interest page by page.

Kenneth Giusini, Law ( Philadelphia)