Trucking and Human Trafficking

Human trafficking, or the illegal movement of people, often for sex or labor, is a $32 billion industry that often goes undetected. Unfortunately, truck stops remain a frequent location of trafficking crimes. While truck stops are not naturally hives of crime, they are, unfortunately, convenient and central locations for traffickers to move throughout the United States.


As a Truck Driver, How Can I Help?

All fifty states have reported human trafficking, and many of the victims of human trafficking pass through truck stops every day. Organizations like Truckers Against Trafficking aim to equip and prepare truckers to identify potential signs of human trafficking and speak out against them. This nonprofit organization provides comprehensive training that can help empower and mobilize members of the trucking industry to identify signs of trafficking, including young females, children, and others who appear to be in distress. In addition, the organization works with truckers to help them learn how to provide aid to victims of human trafficking.

Truckers travel across the United States and enter truck stops and other areas that many people might not go, so they may have better opportunities to spot human trafficking victims and report suspicious activity. As a result, truck drivers across America have already prevented at least 708 human trafficking cases.


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