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Today a day that honors women who have been violated and killed while in the line of sex work. This day called “Violence Against Sex Workers” Dec 17 is a day where we come together to bring light and commemorate those women across the world who went unnoticed and lived a life that perhaps wasn’t a choice. Today as we honor many, I want to bring memory to my first cousin Donna Gentile a Philadelphia native who was one of those girls to go. To go to a place called “murder” to go to a place of death, to go to a place of being killed, to go to a place of strangulation, to go to a place of fear ,to go to a place of silence, to go to a place of missing, to go to a place of nobody cares.

But today we collectively and consciously bring forth the care, compassion and love of these devastated human beings that put their lives on the line which has given us women standing here today an empowerment and they have given us the opportunity to cultivate strength and togetherness for all women who have been killed, afraid, hurt and demoralized.

Donna; a spirit of horses. A vulnerable soul who became the voice for her horse where she found love and safety in the silence of this spiritual connection. The presence and strength of any animal is like a big open heart that envelopes life and grounds our souls to embodiment.

Let’s together embody the souls of Donna and all of those beautiful women that went missing and opened a pathway of consciousness for us all. I extend apologies for those women who are no longer with us; and collectively the openness of our hearts is the memory and blessing of their souls alive. May we lift our spirits and their souls to a place of sovereignty and light.

Anita DeFrancesco, M.A. December 17, 2017