Detective Thomas Streed who headed the murder investigation is still haunted by this tragedy and continues to work with our family for a hopeful outcome.  I had the opportunity of meeting him in 2019 in San Diego. We shared notes and documents.   He and his wife Chris live in Phoenix and share the love of their pets and grandchildren. I found Thomas to be a brilliant decent person who really has the compassion to work in the field he did, searching for murderers. A behavioral scientist founded “Forensic Consultation International”.  Holds a PhD in human behavior since 1983.  He was involved in excess of two thousand death investigations ranging from suicides to sadistic-ritual murders, serial killings and mass murders. Dr. Streed is a licensed private investigator and often consults with Local, State, Federal and Military law enforcement agencies regarding the investigation of violent crimes. He frequently testifies in the Superior, Federal and Military Courts as an expert in such areas as crime scene analysis and interpretation, police use-of-force, military use-of-force (rules of engagement), drug-induced behaviors, and interrogation tactics and techniques. Streed is considered to be the most knowledgeable homicide investigator in the Sheriff’s department. I admire Tom for his dedication and persistence. A true human with purpose.