I moved to Los Angeles in 1993 to find Donna’s killer.  As I continued my journey in 1994, it led me to a convention at California State University where I met Norma Jean Almodovar, former LAPD officer and author of “Cop to Call Girl.” This is where I received a greater understanding on the subject of policing and prostitution.  She is President and Founder of the International Sex Worker Foundation for Art, Culture & Education (ISWFACE) in Los Angeles and is the director of Coyote. We recently connected in Los Angeles again in 2019 where she lives with her beloved husband Victor and their cats. She is as dear as ever and continues to pursue her works on prostitution, police and politics.  An amazing progressive in her field with an enormous collection of files. She was there at the unveiling of the NHI billboard for Donna and was instrumental in moving it forward. I truly adore Norma for all that she is, a beautiful soul.